Forget reality TV!
Help make love a reality for Australia’s most deserving Bachelor.
Meet Shahram – 52 and searching for the one.

An Iranian-born chef who loves to dance, write poetry and can speak fluent Japanese is searching for his “happily ever after”.

“Having someone fall in love with me – that is important to me and I would be excited with that. But I’m not looking for something that will happen by force, nature has to have its way. It has to come from the heart. I am looking for an honest person who loves me for who I am. I’m getting old, I’m not young and looking for party-party!”

A lifetime punctuated by broken hearts, a broken engagement and bad timing has not wiped the smile from his face nor the spring from his step.

Could you be the one he has been searching for; could you be Shahram’s one?

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Directed by Mitch Kennedy
Directed by Lou Quill
Directed by Olivier Staub