So, you’re already sold on Australia as a location. We guess it’s something to do with the pristine unspoiled vistas, the longer shooting days or maybe you’ve heard about the make-it-happen attitude of our crews. So we don’t need to go on about that. What we do need to go on about is something you may not know about filming in Australia: How easy it can be. It’s possible, even though you’re thousands of kilometers (or miles) from your comfort zone. Australia has a small pool of good people who can do anything and all you have to do is find them. That’s our job as facilitators, to put you in touch with the right people in production, casting, transport, even in government (if the mad ideas you’ve got require official sanction) and in those unique locations that your script has promised: that empty salt lake, that palm tree suspended over the lagoon, that pub full of kangaroos. We do this all the time for our own mad ideas and we know how to get around the locations in Australia (and get around the hurdles you may encounter filming here). Give us a call and we’ll get the job started for you. Yesterday. (See, that’s the make-it-happen attitude that we spoke about earlier.)