Tov Belling

A script travels a long road before it gets to a director. So, let’s talk about what Tov Belling does when it gets to him. Does the word “gravitas” mean anything to you? Above all else, it’s what Tov brings to every commercial he orchestrates. You know he’s taken your script seriously because the images he brings to it have weight and power and, well, seriousness. He does this with light and composition and timing and an innate sense for the dramatic. You may wonder what drama has to do with little vitamin pills. The answer is a lot. Take a look at his Swisse commercials and Tov’s exciting depiction of the athletes that are powered by these pills. What about the little hatchbacks that take us to the shops and back. We know they can get us there, but who do we dream we are while we’re driving them? Schumacher or Andretti or Stirling Moss at full stretch and why not? Tov gives us glimpses of that in between the mandatories of gearshifts and electronic locking. And when someone like Oakley’s Virat Kholi is musing quietly to camera, it’s hard not to notice the way the cricket balls roll into shot like unexploded bombs. That’s gravitas at play and that’s what Tov Belling does best.