Thuy Vy

Most directors have an eye for things you can “see”. Seems obvious, we know. Thuy Vy however has an eye for things you can “feel”. We’re talking specifically about atmosphere here. You might know it as the life sustaining bubble that surrounds us, but Thuy knows it as the incredible emotion that the right light, location and situation can evoke when captured by a lens. You can see it in everything he does (correction, you can feel it in everything he does). Thuy learned this dark magic through his love of photography but he brings it, really brings it when he harnesses all of the motion video director’s tools of the trade. That’s why his 2018 short film “Still Life” was chosen as one of the Fabulous Four for ADFEST and went on to win the audience award. Let us break that down for you. It’s fabulous, but also it won the audience award. The esteemed judges liked it, but also the real people sitting in the stalls liked it. That’s like being a super star but also you happen to be down to earth and friendly. Beautiful can be aloof but not in the hands of Thuy Vy. He creates atmosphere that you want to surround yourself with.