O’Rourke & Gates

There’s a two-for one deal going. It’s what’s known in the business as a Director/DOP team and it’s a classic example of a “two-pack” in action. How does it work? Think of those adhesives you mix before you stick. You know the ones. They arrive separately but when they come together, that’s when they work. And in the world of film and TV, where a bunch of strangers are often brought together at short notice to work towards a common goal, you have to be on the same page quickly. Note: the page we’re talking about here is the same script you have labored over for months and now you just want it instantly shot. That is why O’Rourke & Gates have done so well in the fashion and beauty segment for Witchery, Myer and L’Oreal Paris. Because the rag trade is notoriously fast-paced and beauty is fleeting and nobody has time to argue the toss while expensive models are standing idle in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace at Versailles (as an extreme example). The production has to instantly come together, and that’s the effect of the O’Rourke & Gates Two-Pack. It’s a Director/DOP team that is already tight, meaning any script they’re given, from fashion to lifestyle to ads about two-part epoxy adhesive will creatively and effectively gel.