Olivier Staub

Olivier Staub is what’s known in the business as an unsafe set of hands. But wait, isn’t that a bad thing? Relax. He’s safe where it counts, as in he can be depended on to deliver an amazing commercial under pressure. He’s done it for all kinds of risk-averse, big, corporate brands. They sit back, feeling comfortable in his talents and meanwhile Olivier is getting wild with his shots. He’s taking a 4000kg glass cube 2800m above sea level to the top of a glacier to film a commercial about heaters. He’s telling a bikie on a suped up BRP three-wheeler that it’s time to take a ride - correction - it’s time to get into the spider lane. He’s got a Dennis Hopper look alike lying on his back with a mouth full of self tapping screws for Home Depot one minute and the next he’s promising Scarlett flipping Johansson that he’ll match her voice for beauty with some pictures of innocent war orphans. The moment Olivier’s hand touches a script, the concept of safe and boring goes out the window and wildly beautiful comes in to take its place. That’s probably why he has featured in every award show known to advertising and film (Cannes, D&AD, One Show) and every creative blog (Shots and Luërzer's Archive). They love what he does. It’s a crazy, reckless kind of love, but one that can be depended on to make beautiful commercials that deliver.