Mitch Kennedy

Mitch Kennedy, how would we describe what he does? He makes it look interesting. Yes. He can create a look, a vibe, a beautifully art-directed wow. He’s got a good eye. But he’s also the sort of director that gets it, when “it” is a thing that needs getting. That thing you can’t always describe in a script but that only happens when the timing and the performance and the editing is right. He can take a man like Sam Thaiday, Australian rugby league hard man and turn him soft. Knitting soft. Cucumber eyes on a face mask soft. It’s soft, but it’s still Sam Thaiday hard. That’s what Mitch Kennedy can do. He can end a Garnier commercial with “effin…’ell” without ringing alarm bells with the brand police. He can talk straight and earn blokey brownie points with Jonathan Brown one minute and then camp it up for Fairy dishwashing liquid the next. He can even tell a pregnant mum that she’s having a lesbian and she can be happy about it. That is not an easy “it” to get. But when Mitch reads a script he gets what it’s trying to say and he makes “it” work. You could say he’s an it director, when the it is the thing you want your audience to get.