Mat Humphrey

Mat Humphrey is your dad and he’s tucking you into bed. What do you want from him? A story, that’s what. Just tell the story, Dad (Mat). Tell it real good. And sure enough, he does. He tells the best stories because he’s a director who implicitly understands that thing we call the “narrative”. Which is fortunate because the narrative is the thing you’ve worked so hard to fit into your script in between the product shots and the payoff line. It can’t be glossed over. It can’t be lost. It’s what engages the audience. Mat knows this. So he brings the narrative to the front, to break your heart or make you laugh or make you stop and think. Like in the TAC story about a dead child who haunts a young drink driver for his entire life. Like in the New Idea story about the Amish community, brought to the verge of ruination by Angelina Jolie’s right leg. Like in the famous Toyota story about the Man from Snowy River’s horse float-towing Landcruiser. These are story-telling skills in overdrive. They have to be. Commercials are a format in a hurry. And if it’s not a good story, we all fall asleep. Which you won’t with Mat telling it.