Lou Quill

There’s no missing the heart of the story when Lou Quill is at work. She’s patient. She waits for the moments on set. She digs for the truth in an actor’s performance. Then, she elevates the emotion through visuals that are beautiful and epic. This is not easy within the confines of an ad brief or the terrifying time constraint known as the standard thirty with a fifteen second cut down. So how does she do it? She looks for the symbolic in a script, the small moment or the visual cue that can quickly turn a pursuit into a game or a small smile into an expression of quiet, confident love. These are the patient, watching skills of a filmmaker who understands the power of profound observations. Watch her at work and you can see she gets scripts, shopping lists of mandatories and key product points to emotionally open up. She’s been awarded highly for this, many times with deserved recognition from Cannes to New York for her style and sensitivity. Which is why, if you’re going to be emotionally punched, let Lou do it to you. It will be a beautiful bruise and you’ll love her for it.