Lou Quill

The real story can sometimes remain hidden. That’s where Lou Quill’s skills can help. She can take an ordinary moment and bring it to life through the thoughtful placement of a quick cutaway shot. Like that moment where the rescue chicken was eating pikelets in her Be The Change commercial, proving in one quick shot how loved that chicken really was. She can wait with the camera for the exact, right moment the way she did to find the tears in the eyes of the young Wanderers player sitting in the back of the room in the Towards Zero spot. And then pow, whammo, boys do cry. What are these skills we speak of? They’re the skills of a documentarian. They’re the patient, watching skills of a filmmaker who is used to telling real stories with real people and filling in the gaps with these ordinary but profound observations. She can get people to open up about their troubles like the young tradie in the Mates in Construction commercial. She can let kids do the thinking for themselves in the CommBank ad. But then she can add so much more by delivering real, unscripted moments of magic. This is what she does, with style, sensitivity and emotional punch.