Jon Webb

Where did all the photographers go when the iPhone and Instagram came to town? Well, the average ones were out of a job but the good ones stepped it up a notch. Jon Webb for example. He showed his professional gloss with images that were all, “Holy moly, how did you get that shot?” And then he diversified into film. It’s a natural side step when you think about it. The screen is just an electronic page. And if you like your screen images highly polished and finely art directed (and who doesn’t) Jon is the guy for you. It’s a high def world we’re living in and you’ve got to do amazing visuals to get noticed. People will see the difference (in high definition). So when you come to Jon with a script that says, red on red on red on red like his Renault Clio spot, he’ll give you 50 shades of red (and multiple art director orgasms). Or let’s say you need him to convert pineapples into sunshine. He’ll shoot that perfect postcard image and inject it with sunny wholesome Queensland life (bottle it). He can even make the bleak prospect of Alzheimer’s Disease look emotionally beautiful if you ask him. He’s a visual director after all and a storyteller who uses light and composition and something else. Oh yeah. His brilliant, effortless eye.