Jesse James McElroy

Humour is something that Jesse James McElroy is deadly serious about. When it comes to laughs, he takes no prisoners, which is probably because he shares the front end of his name with an early American outlaw, bank and train robber and the back end with an Irish American mobster and racketeer. Maybe all of that crime doing in his namesakes’ past has taught Jesse how to get away with it. The timing and the tone of Jesse’s jokes is impeccable. Tone is important in commercials. It’s not easy to laugh about car accidents. Or Lifeline. Or intestinal worms. And the emotions around aging and going grey can be an absolute minefield for some yet Jesse manages to hit the nail on the silver head with his humour. It’s a dark art indeed and we can’t tell you how he does it, except to say that humour as always is in the delivery. So when a script comes our way with comedy as the brief, we often suggest Jesse James for the job and if he’s not available, we suggest James McElroy. Usually though, you get two for the price of one.