Gemma Lee

Gemma Lee’s work has impact. It’s the sort of impact that happens when world’s collide. We’re not talking planets. We’re talking the worlds of fashion, music, art and film. You don’t get mass destruction when those worlds collide; you get mass creation. Sure, we’re coming at this from way out there, but imagine seeing Gemma’s commercials from the world of fashion. From that perspective you’d notice the wardrobe and how it is always on point. If you came from the world of music, you’d find the editing and the camera movement was pleasingly slave to the rhythm. If you came from the world of art, you’d surely appreciate the gorgeous composition of every frame. And the filmmakers would find story, drama and narrative cues within. These are perspectives derived from spending time in all those worlds, which Gemma is now able to apply with a deft and creative hand to deliver work that is enduring, international, and quite otherworldly.