Colin Skyba

Let’s talk about people. No, actually, let’s talk about people as depicted by Colin Skyba. If you like your people real, if you like your people believable, if you like your people to act the way living, breathing, walking, talking people do, then Colin’s your man. Wait. Rewind. Is reality in advertising important? Well, yes as a matter of fact. Case in point, the kid at the end of Colin’s Heinz commercial. He could shout with the window fully open, but no. He squeezes his head sideways through the gap. Kids do that. Take the drinkers in the “what’s your relationship with alcohol” commercial. They don’t look like problem drinkers. And that’s exactly the point. Problem drinkers can often just look like you and I. Take the Warriors fan that throws a dud pass in the Fox Sports commercial. He’s so real. Dud passes, kiwis do that all the time. And Berisha. Actually, Berisha is not a good example. Berisha is not human, he’s super human, but anyway. The point is that reality is important because people relate to people. We can look Colin’s characters in the eye and we can trust them and we can say to ourselves, that’s us. That’s why Colin is so good. He puts the “us” in user imagery.