OK, hand it over. Your masterpiece, that is. Let The Producers do their thing. It’s what they do. They’ll take your idea, your script, your ticket to Cannes, even  your featureless concession to the commercial realities of your client’s business (they can handle that too) and treat it like a Pollock, or a Picasso, or a Banksy if you’re a bit edgy. They’ll apply care, detail, guidance, budgetary discipline, the sort of inside running only connected producers can offer and of course creativity to the process of turning out a magnificent, fully realized production. They’ve done this all over Australia, and internationally, through decades of making things happen by pulling the right people together and greasing the tracks with their chutzpah. They say a good Producer will take the pain away. Will absorb it. What black magic is this? Good steering. Skillful navigation. That’s what it is. They know how to avoid the pitfalls to bring the creative team, the agency producer and the client safely through to the other side of a production. These are learned skills. Learned on other people’s productions so they don’t have to be learned on yours. 
Noelle Jones: 0488 076 556
Tanya Spencer: 0412 415 860
Victoria Conners: 0418 349 123

13 Apex Street
Brisbane QLD 4011

Unit 2, 7 Byron Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us a message.